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A Mind Flayer does not reappear in Mind Flayer Dungeon (BG2)


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In BG2 in the Mind Flayer Dungeon, a mind flayer is supposed to appear each time you enter in this room as I understand from this walk-through (https://sorcerers.net/Games/BG2/Walkthrough2/SoA/chapter-5/areas/mindflayer-dungeon.php) :



But once I killed the first, there's no more.

Can it be tied to gemrb ?


gemrb : master (28/03/2020)

BG2 with Fixpack and Unfinished Business.


Thank you by advance and for your hard work :)

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The mind flayer's respawn is on a ten-round (60 second) timer. If it doesn't respawn after you wait, you can reset the variables with




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