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Proof Readers needed (for all my newer projects)

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@jastey, I'm running into spelling issues between American and British English.  Which do I use when there's a difference.  My native language spelling or the Brits?  I may not be aware of the alternate spelling for every instance, so I can't say with confidence that I'll always be consistent.

For instance Gray is American where Grey is the rest of the world, although we know that Grey = Gray and don't even think about it until it comes time to spell the word and we're like: Is it Grey or Gray?  But Brits have a tendency to put in the letter u in places we won't.  Like Behaviour.  We Americans know what they mean, but we spell it Behavior.  And since I'm editing an 'English' tra, not an 'American' tra, I'm a little hesitant to force our spelling on the rest of the world.

What say you?

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2 minutes ago, jastey said:

The dog's name is Grey, that's fixed I'm afraid.

Oh, I wasn't thinking about the dog!  LOL - no I wouldn't have changed the spelling of his name. :)  Names are always a whole different thing. 

3 minutes ago, jastey said:

US spelling as it's more common in BG

You got it!

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13 minutes ago, Lauriel said:

no I wouldn't have changed the spelling of his name.

Sorry! It wasn't my intention to imply that. It's just that I noticed the grey/gray myself some time back and thought "oh well - too late" for his name. But it's a name, so that's a whole different story, anyhow.

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