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I am planning a playthrough with Ajantis in BG2.  Are there any party members that have more dialogue than others?   I image Keldorn does but I don't want to take him this time so any other recommendations?  I am going to do the engaged path.


Thanks, playing Baldur's Gate is really helping with being stuck at home so I am extra grateful to modders for adding so much content to the games

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It's quite equal, actually. Ajantis has with all original NPCs 3-4 banters, with most good aligned ones 4.

The Crossmod Banter Pack adds banters with Ajantis for:

-Minyae & Elaryn


-Kulyok's Branwen

-Kulyok's Coran

-Kulyok's Xan

-My Solaufein

-Skie Cost of one Girl's Soul


Thanks for the kind words, and have fun playing!



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Guest Rik

Hey Jastey, have you thought about giving Ajantis banters for the Imoen Romance? I would be very curious about what he thinks (even if I imagine it already).

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I'm open for crossmod material, but possibilities for crossmod are endless and more work than players would think if they see the resulting one, two dialogues in the game. Crossmod for my mods more or less happens if I have a mod along while writing for mine or if I notice one that would conflict if I do not consider it, but my time is limited. I will not play with Imoen Romance; so I doubt any comments of Ajantis to it will happen anytime soon, if at all.

EDIT: The short answer is "no", I guess. 😅 I'm not familiar enough with the Imoen Romance mod and I'm not interested in playing with it.

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