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Roxanne's Inofficial Mod Versions

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12 hours ago, Cahir said:

I think what Roxanne have in mind is some post from @Gwendolyne where he stated that he doesn't play EE's. But I highly doubtful you guys are not testing the mod before releasing next version. I really have seen just one or two bug reports (mostly regarding EET compatibility or some crossmod issues) which were squashed super fast. So, yeah, I also am pissed off she treats the whole modding community like garbage.

This will be my only contribution to this thread.

I never said I don't play EE games, I said I DON'T LIKE SoD (played it once, enough for me), so EET is definitively not for me.

For testing purpose, I install all mods I update in classic BG (or BG2), BGT, Tutu, BG:EE, SoD and BG2:EE. And I ask a few players to test them in EET games when required.

And with all due respect to Roxanne, writing compatibility for EET is very easy, when you know that EET uses the same principles as BGT (tutu variables, plus a few specific tricks with chapters, worldmap coordinates...), and even easier when you have been modding BGT and Tutu games for years. Installing EET once and analyzing its coding is enough to know what needs to be done.

And for the skeptics, it's simple: compare the change-logs, codes and files of the SHS and Roxanne releases, and you'll see the differences.

That said, most mods updated during the last 6 months at SHS had not been updated for years, even decades. Some have even been written at a time when DS, 1PP, IA, ToBEx, BGT, SR, IR, SCS did not exist. When updating them, we don't just include new translations and BWP Fixpack patches, and upgrade WeiDU, we rewrite the whole code to the modern WeiDU standard, we check every file (e.g. many objects don't work as expected in their description), we make sure the mods are compatible with mods released since. And it's only after these classic versions are up and running fine that we code compatibility with EE and EET games. And speaking of that, I did not notice any piece of code in Roxanne's versions that make items or spells EE compatible (just try an item protecting from normal missiles when he/she did not add protection from 1pp new projectiles... Same thing with weapon dealing poison damage, with new opcode #324, axes usable by shaman, and so many points...).

And most importantly: WE DO NOT CHANGE THEIR CONTENT.

Note that people are free to DL and play Roxanne's versions, but please, don't complain if something does not work as intended or as the original mods used to be, and don't dare ask for fixes at official forums.

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2 minutes ago, Gwendolyne said:

This will be my only contribution to this thread.

I never said I don't play EE games, I said I DON'T LIKE SoD (played it once, enough for me), so EET is definitively not for me.

Yeah, I mean't EET mainly, so this was an inacurate wording from my part, apologies. But I was sure even EET compatibility is tested before release, which you just confirmed 😁

Sorry for starting this debatę, but I was so pissed reading this that I needed to share with you guys. I'm tired of antagonizing players and modders by Roxanne and her countless alts. 

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