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Proofreading needed

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Heh, I kinda feel like duplicating @jastey's thread, but I may also need some help. Well, I kinda ALWAYS need some help with it comes to such stuff, as I'm not a native speaker and raw versions of my texts could get some grammar/flow/spelling enhancements. Anyway, as I have some in-progress mods, it would be great to get some proofreading- and a editing-oriented help. As you may know, I release all kinds of projects: NPCs, quests, items, romances, friendships etc.

Right now I get a lot of help from @Artemius I and @jmaeq -- but I need to remember they have their own projects and I would really want to play with something written by them, and each time they agree to help me, I know I am slowing down their own things.

So, if you are a native English speaker, you like to check things, enhance all kinds of texts, let me know :) Thanks to everyone, all fans and people that support me in all my new endeavours! 

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What? 😃 I'm totally grateful for any assistance in making my mods better. I'd rather send a cookie for every typo if that would be realistic.

I'll put this here: I'm seriously excited about the number of helpful people! I hope I didn't drain them too much so @Lava

gets help, too! :)

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For what it's worth, I am happy to proofread (english) for anyone that needs it. I'm fairly experienced in writing and editing content for PnP and boardgames. I have a lot of free time at the moment too!

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Thank you, it's in an advanced state. But there is some more stuff that must be coded before it enters proofreading and then it will be ready for the release.

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