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WM: ForgeIt-IWD now available!

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A new small mod for IWD EE is now available. Welcome ForgeIt-IWD!

ForgeIt-IWD adds a set of 8 new powerful artifacts to your Icewind Dale EE game. But you don't just find them and put them to use. First you have to find all the needed elements and return them to their former glory: just like the Wave or The Equalizer in Baldur's Gate 2. Elements of the new items are scattered throughout the whole game, including HoW and TotL campaigns. There's also an optional component that makes Icasaracht Scale Armor a bit more powerful. While originally it had the statistics of usual White Dragon Scale, let's remember Icasaracht isn't just some white dragon, but a really powerful matriarch. The optional component adds some extra power to the armor made from her scales as well as makes the item icon a bit more shiny.

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