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Troubles with the Hamster Troubles

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So, this time I made sure I have the current mod version installed (v21 from the github page). However, there is severe strangeness in the Hamster Dilemma quest.

When you first ... acquire Tai (as I've dubbed Boo's beau, you know, the hamster lady he's booholden to), the merchant tells you he is going to the Friendly Arm inn, then leaves. However, three days later he reappears at the Nashkel carnival. The conversation he offers there is clearly meant to be had at the Friendly Arm. If you return Tai at this point, the merchant vanishes for good. This seems like a bug to me.

The second thing also seems like a bug, but maybe it's intentional. No idea. If you keep Tai long enough for your miniature giant space hamster to bamboozle her (sorry) and create your own little Boo Zoo, then return her to the merchant, the quest is marked as done but he drops her before leaving. You can pick her up and have a second irremovable hamster in Minsc's inventory again.

(By the way, is there anything I can do with the hamsters besides give them all to the little boy at the carnival?)

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You mean there's a boog in the quest? (harhar) (I was temped to write something using boohoo about me being sad but I guess one boo joke might be enough.) Thanks for the report. Indeed, for certain conditions the vendor can reappear. If he took the hamster then, I fear you'll be stuck with him in the Friendly Arm Inn, at least for a while. I'll use this for an overhaul of the quest variables so this won't happen with the next version, hopefully.

Why the hamster remained at the place I have a faint idea, that will hopefully be fixed, too.

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There can never be too many Boo jokes. There's a reason I never have the heart to kick Minsc out of the party.

If you need any logs or something, give me a shout. For now, I'm keeping the little buggers safe in my pocket. (The little boogers? No, that's not what I keep in my pocket.)

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Thanks, I think I can fix this without needing a savegame (thankfully, Minsc is right next to the Carnival).

Missed this:

3 hours ago, BettaGeorge said:

By the way, is there anything I can do with the hamsters besides give them all to the little boy at the carnival?

So far, no. I had plans on integrating the possibility to give one hamster to every child in the game but dropped it due to time and effort reasons.

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