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How do you hijack one of the abandoned doors in Waukeen's promenade to use as an entrance?


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I seem to recall a few mods that have done this, though I can't remember which... So far, I've tried @Gwendolyne method to no effect. Code and a shot of the DLTCEP edit below. This is for BG2ee, using ABANDON10, a door a small distance away from Quataris's stall. 

//ar0700 new travel region and new entrance for YYARTO

COPY_EXISTING ~AR0700.ARE~ ~override~ // The original area you want to modify
    PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE> 0x11b) THEN BEGIN // Minimum size of a .ARE file = Verification of the validity of the .ARE 
        LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_loc_x = 2292 fj_loc_y = 1672 fj_orientation = 12 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = entrance fj_name = Exit0702 END
            INT_VAR ab_RT_Type = 2 ab_RT_BbLX = 1325 ab_RT_BbLY = 1502 ab_RT_BbHX = 1389 ab_RT_BbHY = 1597 ab_RT_VxPr = 4 ab_RT_CuId = 43 ab_RT_LPoX = 1369 ab_RT_LPoY = 1553 ab_RT_Vx_X_0 = 1325 ab_RT_Vx_Y_0 = 1551 ab_RT_Vx_X_1 = 1389 ab_RT_Vx_Y_1 = 1502 ab_RT_Vx_X_2 = 1325 ab_RT_Vx_Y_2 = 1544 ab_RT_Vx_X_3 = 1325 ab_RT_Vx_Y_3 = 1597
            STR_VAR ab_RT_Name = ABANDON10 ab_RT_Dest = YYARTO ab_RT_EntN = EXIT0700 END
        END // of PATH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x11b)



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I've not studied your code, but I do know that doors are buggers to work with.  To test them, you have to set them up BEFORE you've visited the area or else they won't work and you'll tear your hair trying to figure out why.

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3 hours ago, Lauriel said:

To test them, you have to set them up BEFORE you've visited the area or else they won't work and you'll tear your hair trying to figure out why.

And to do this, you should make a savegame before the exit in irenicus dungeon, if the area is in the promenade after it. You could of course just start a new game, and use the console to teleport into the city gate district(ar0020) and follow things from there, but you have to go backwards ... or jump into say the Adventures Mart (ar0702)...

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1) Does the door also exist in AR0700.wed file ?

2) Do the open tiles exist in tis file ?

If not, my macros won't work as they have been written for a specific case: using effective doors that are not used in the game. To create a brand new door in a map, the process is much more complex and I did not wrote an automatic process for it. It might be possible but I have no time for it at the moment.

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@Lauriel @Jarno Mikkola Ah, I've tried it with a new save, and the new polygons I've set up do show up with just the .are file in the override and none of Gwendolyne's code, but clicking on the polygon sends the actor down to the door I copied those polygons from. I'm not entirely sure what's causing this. The new polygon "opens" as well when I open the orignal, though it doesn't close. Also, will only putting my .are in the override cause conflicts with other mods that also make edits to the area?

@Gwendolyne I see. A rough polygon already exists at ABANDON10, though it isn't mapped for anything as far as I know. This is what it looks like.


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Yeah, cause one could just name the "Destination" variable, and if I am not totally mistaken the Entrance as that that links to, which is an  the entrance that area has, in the above picture and be done with it. Yes, if you want to link to a new location, you of course have to make the .are and copy it over, but you probably already have those. Or then you could link to an old area temporarily before you make the new, and then switch after.

3 minutes ago, Gwendolyne said:

Because it's not a door, but a trigger. ;)

Yeah, but the thing is, it needs an EXIT to travel into from the entrance it is.


Say, in the above code, the YYARTO is the area variable, aka the link to YYARTO.are file, and the destination is the travel point/point of intrest in the area called "EXIT0700".

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Hm, I'll have to fiddle around with these some more. It looks like the Script attached to the jail portal handles the area target when clicked, though the region itself is flagged as "info", not "travel". Does that have any bearing on anything?

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There are two ways of using a trigger region to enter a new area. A travel trigger (usually, but not always, linked to a door), and an info region triggering a script that teleports the target into a new area. The problem with Waukeen Promenade is the search map that does not allow your character to "walk" to the trigger. The info trigger tip is the best way to achieve what you need imo.

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