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G3: SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade - v1.1.0 released - bugfixes and new content!

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Gibberlings Three


Siege of Dragonspear to Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition Item Upgrade


This mod imports many more of the new and interesting items that were introduced with the Siege of Dragonspear expansion into Baldur's Gate 2: EE.  In addition, the mod provides an upgrade path via Cromwell and Cespenar for the majority of these items, which breathes new life into your BG2:EE playthroughs.  An optional component will allow the player to force all of the normally importable SoD items that Beamdog included in BG2:EE to be present in their normal locations, regardless of whether you had them in your imported save or not, or even if you were to start a new game in BG2:EE without importing a saved game or character at all.  


Version 1.1.0 includes bugfixes,  imports more items from SoD (along with upgrade paths for them), new spells, and an exciting new alternate completion and upgrade path for the human flesh armor.



- Corrected Reflection Shield +1 and Mirrored Buckler of the Fist +2 to properly reflect projectiles from Maelstrom Axe +3 and +4, Elemental Fury +3 and +4
- Corrected Biter +3 recipe issue for Cromwell.
- Corrected dialogue for red scale choice to upgrade dragon armor on Cespenar.
- Corrected critical hit chance increase on Vorpal Dragon Blade +4 and +5 to 10% and 15% respectively (was incorrectly set to 25%)
- Corrected Stonefire +5 hit effect to now effect golems, undead, and elementals


- New charge ability for Chromatic Crimson and Shadow Dragon armors (blue scales)


- Crimson Dawn +2
 - Can be upgraded twice with new recipes on Cromwell and Cespenar
- Severance +2
 - Can be upgraded twice with new recipes on Cromwell and Cespenar
- New mage spells, craftable with new recipes on Cromwell and Cespenar:
      Trollkiller's Fireball
      Thunder Thrust
      Hoar of Frost
- Alternate completion and upgrade path for Human Flesh armor
 - New mage spell, Conjure Death, given as additional reward for completing alternate Human Flesh


Read the Readme

Project Page

Mod Forum

Download SoDtoBG2EE at G3

Download at G3 GitHub Mirror


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