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Looking for help with a piece of code


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This bit of code is supposed to add a cure, Cure Disease (SPPR317), to temples, if they don't already have it. But it ends up messing STO files up. Does anyone see a problem? I'll credit you in my mod.

PATCH_IF (("%flags%" BAND 0b00010000) = 0b00010000) BEGIN
  READ_LONG 0x70 "cure_off"  ELSE 0
  READ_LONG 0x74 "cure_num"  ELSE 0
  SET "sppr317" = 0 // cure light wounds
    // check if cures already available
  FOR (index = 0; index < cure_num; index = index + 1) BEGIN
    READ_ASCII ("%cure_off%" + ("%index%" * 0x0c)) "resref"
    PATCH_IF ("%resref%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "sppr317" = 0) BEGIN
      SET "sppr317" = 1
  // add cures if not already present
  PATCH_IF ("%sppr317%" = 0) BEGIN // if cure not already available
    INSERT_BYTES  ("%cure_off%" +        ("%cure_num%" * 0x0c)) 0x0c
      WRITE_ASCII ("%cure_off%" +        ("%cure_num%" * 0x0c)) ~sppr317~ // resref
      WRITE_LONG  ("%cure_off%" + 0x08 + ("%cure_num%" * 0x0c)) 200        // price


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