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Looking for help to this damaged BG2EE game

Guest Prowlinger

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Guest Prowlinger

Hello there... love the Gibberlings mods for BG to BG2EE!  I am having a serious problem and do not know if anyone can fix.
I believe it was the Luck Spell and 100 saves ago... but my weapon proficiencies are damaged. 

1. On characters, there are no weapon proficiency for Short Sword, Katana and Mace.  (Ninjato may be one but I am not sure if it was under Katana or not)
2. On all these weapons, the text descriptors are seemingly damaged.  I can use the weapons but I don't think THACO bonus is working being damaged.
Also it would just be nice to have the text back and not have to look up any and every Shortsword, Mace and Katana when I get a new one.

Thank you for any help you can offer. The game is playable but a little frustrating not being able to use the 3 weapons types. I am on Chapter 3 so far.





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The weapons, they(, well actually the creature that's had them) are exported from a save that used mods to edit them. You are currently using an un-/less-modified game, so the descriptions only show a numbers in them, as that would be the numbers the game used when it was modified. You probably want to throw those to trash and cheat to bring that actual weapons into your save... via the console.

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Looks like you're using a save that used to belong to a different installation. The "Invalid" numbers are string references - the IDs of the strings that used to be the descriptions for these weapons. In your current installation these strings no longer exist. As an example, if you used to have Item Revisions, and ported a save from that installation to one without Item Revisions, this problem will happen to existing items in that save, because Item Revisions creates and assigns new strings to items. Not sure about the missing proficiencies. Could be because of a mod that modifies the proficiency system?

For these weapons, you can use the console to spawn new copies of them, and discard the old ones. Or you can use EEKeeper to add the weapons to your characters in the Inventory tab - select an inventory slot, click Change Item, then look for the weapons' name in the item list.

To add the missing proficiencies back to your character, you may need to use Near Infinity.

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Guest Prowlinger

Where and what is Near Infinity?   

I will try the toss and re-add on those weapons but it seems (ALL of those types which is odd) without the prof thaco bonuses ... they are lack luster. Some how got to fix that... My main is a Thief... and not being able to use the shortswords or Ninjatos / Katanas is killing my dps.

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Guest Prowlinger

And actually all characters / npcs are missing those weapon profs too.  Luck bug was devastating ... why didn't Beamdog release a fix that would just reset default weapon profs?   :L

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8 minutes ago, Guest Prowlinger said:

Luck bug was devastating ... why didn't Beamdog release a fix that would just reset default weapon profs?   :L

Probably because you went ahead and installed a mod that altered the proficiencies, and then restored the defaults back or viceversa and used imported char. Or similar.

What is Near Infinity, well google gives me, 1 link. That. A java program you can open all the Infinity Engine games content in a somewhat undestandable Graphical User Interface.

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It's not a bug, it's not about Beamdog.  You modded your game, and then changed your mod setup, and you are trying to use a save file from one setup, in the other setup.  Or, maybe you installed some mods in the middle of your game, and then continued playing.  BG2 mods don't work that way.  Maybe I'm pessimistic here but I suspect this just needs a clean install and start the game over.

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