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Halp? (EE Mod Setup Problems)

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Dear All,

I used to be somewhat active on the site (under the username Rune), but disappeared for a time. Glad to be here again!

Having recently returned to Baldur's Gate, I jumped at the opportunity to use Enhanced Edition Trilogy. I used Baldur's Gate Trilogy before... life was simple then.

The problem is, I can't seem able to run the EE Mod Setup tool on Windows 10. I did everything the readme and forum posts suggested: turned off user account control, turned off the antivirus, did a clean install, changed the language to English, saved the game, moved the game folders from Program Files, ran EE Mod Setup from the BG1EE location... alas, it doesn't seem to work for me. I managed an install of EET, but adding other mods just didn't work - content I really care about, BG1NPC Project, was not installed due to errors. Choosing a larger number of mods seemed to crash the installation completely.

What should I do? Can I just install the mods I want by using setup for each one, like in the old days?



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Strong recommendation, having tried various:

Use Project Infinity.

Also, maybe see these threads for some guidance (and a warning of what you are getting into trying multi-mod EET installs!):

My full install list (which is looking pretty stable as of leaving candlekeep!!!) is attached on the last page of mine and has full instructions from downlading PI onwards.

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