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Back for another playthrough

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10 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

Bjornin the paladin.

Oh yes, I always wanted to be able to take him along. I imagine him to be too injured in most of BG1, though (I wrote the bg1re Bjorning extention so of course I'd say that) but at some point his injuries should be healed enough one would think.

Concerning Tamah: as @Zutroy pointed out, you have to extract the letters inside the books and give those to her. There will be a closure to the Camryn&Tamah story in Candlekeep if the letters are brought to her before returning there.

Very nice idea on resurrecting Gorion. I'm not that fond of having him as a party member myself, though.

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Yeah, if you go digging into some of the forums, you can find a message from me saying I am holding off my next playthrough until Delainy is done.  Then I didn't play the game for 15 years.

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Another thing that would be nice is some crossmod between Brandock and Helga npc mods for BG1.  They are both encountered close to each other and it would be nice if the two mods recognized this.  Even if it is just Brandock mentioning that he heard voices talking which led him to approach everyone.

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I'm always open for crossmod. The problem is that I have little time to play myself so I'm not really familiar with other mod NPCs, as well as crossmod being something I'll focus on when the core content of the NPC is finished. But anyone interested just pass me the first line of a banter from their mod NPC and I'll make mine reply.

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