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Changing who Bhodi kidnaps

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I'm running multiple mod NPC romances, in order to see as much mod content as possible in a limited number of playthroughs. So far it has worked well. I have made liberal use of EEKeeper and NI to alter variables and scripts as necessary to keep everything going.

Unfortunately, I did consider the Bhodi issue until far too late. Apparently, who she kidnaps is determined by which romance mod was installed last, not by party order or anything normally controllable in-game like I had hoped. Obviously, there's more to it than install order, because the kidnapping requires an active romance. If my last installed NPC was inactive, then I assume Bhodi would attempt to kidnap the next one in line whose romance is active.

My question is, how does the game decide this post-install? Is there some global or local, or something in a script, that I can alter to steer Bhodi toward a specific NPC? As I consider this, I realize that I could, in theory, flip all the other romance variables to 3 for the graveyard scene, then go back to 2 immediately after.

In particular, I'm concerned about Fade. From poking around in her code, it looks like some really important extra story events occur with her due to being turned -- beyond garden-variety vampirism. I gather these events are key to her romance progressing.

My current top of the list is Isra -- who has proved to be a fairly easy going mod, so I'm not anticipating problems. I also have Amber -- who is complex enough that I would normally be very concerned, but she has no ToB component, so I'm less worried at that late stage in the game. Only other, then, is Imoen Romance. I'm assuming she doesn't get turned, as Bhodi already stole her soul.

Anybody know what specifically is checked to select Bhodi's victim?  Or, for that matter, anyone have more specific knowledge about some of the other NPCs I mentioned and how critical the kidnapping is to their romances?

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The Bodhi abduction is really one of the moments were modders didn't think about "compatibility" to enable players the experience of a multiromance. (To be fair: multiromancing is and will be a cheat). Still, making the abduction scene so that other romance interests could be accounted for as well would be possible if considred from the start.

To your problem: I fear switching the RA variables to 3 before entering the graveyard will be your way to go. If you are lucky, the mods work with other variables that you could set but since modders usually assumed one romance interest and not several, I do not think there is much to work with.

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Anybody know what specifically is checked to select Bhodi's victim?

If RomanceActive = 2 and the character is in party.

You can either kill the character(s) or kick them out of party before triggering the scene. They won't be taken in either case (unless some mod changes this behavior). Resurrect, or come back and pick them back up, afterward.

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Thanks for the advice. This is kind of what I thought, and might actually be a fairly simple situation. I've already spent a few hours here and there studying the scripts of the various NPC mods, and I'm developing a decent grasp of how they function. I've already had several situations where 1 or 2 of them suddenly had RA switch to 3, and then I had to go figure out why. After resolving the issue, I was able to switch back to 2 and continue.

Totally not the way the mods were designed to work, I know. I "voided the warranty" long ago by opening the hood on their inner workings. At least now I think I have a strategy that I should be able to work my way through.

Next run will be much simpler! All Bioware NPCs, to make the most out of IWD-in-EET, and only romancing Jaheira.

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