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Keeping familiars after rest

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Familiars, I mean creatures who follow the party between areas, still disappear after the party rests. I can't seem to prevent this. They are as gone as creatures from sleep encounters. It doesn't help that they are made global. Actions in their scripts, when they begin to load after resting, crash the game, at least some. I suspect it may be the physical actions, the ones involving the body, because I have SetSequence in this script, but other actions don't do anything at all. They can't act on the party, jump to it or display strings. These monsters probably get whisked off the light map, beyond into the dark frame around. I ended up putting DestroySelf on top of my crashing script, and this action is carried out, the crash is prevented. But have people really been losing their animal companions, monster retinues and so on after resting? How do you stop this?

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