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Compatibility with SR and IR

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I have BG: EE and BG2: EE. Really want to use this mod and many thanks to the creators. Curious though: is it compatible with/balanced for Spell Revisions and Item Revisions? I have seen reference to it working with SR, but is that in the sense of "the game won't crash" or the challenges of SCS being designed with SR's changes? I have seen less mention of how IR fits in with SCS, and I'd like to know if I'd be wrecking my game, ether directly or balance-wise, if I adopt that one too.

Appreciate any help anyone could provide!

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Thanks very much. Do you know if Item Revisions is similarly compatible/balanced with SCS? Any other mods you'd recommend for a "vanilla-enhanced" playthrough? I am really just looking for the traditional BG-BG2 experience, with some added challenge and whatever fixes, balance improvements, and quality of life improvements the community has crowdsourced over the years. SR and IR struck me as in that spirit but I really don't know.

I have never played IWD so I don't know what to think about those spells.

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I don't think IR makes a difference; if an enemy has a magic sword, whether it has vanilla characteristics or IR characteristics, they're still going to hit you with it.

FWIW I won't play these games without SR and IR.  I don't think they make it harder or easier, they just make various things better. For what you describe, you could do something like:

  • SR
  • IR
  • SubtleDoc's Random Tweaks (Plug! (Does that need an acronym?  "SDRT?"))
  • any number of convenience tweaks from Tweaks Anthology
  • SCS
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