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Replacement sounds for the interface

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Super finished

I have started Beegee thousands of times to test my mods, and I'm tired to death of some sounds from the interface - high-pitched, grating and just too boring by this point. For my sanity's sake I put together some replacement files, low-key for the most part, and I want to share them. This archive contains:

- The main click - a lighter version of the original stone click, surprisingly fitting for the EE interface
- The level-up sound
- Tooltips
- Rings on-off (I use rings a lot)
- The misc item thumps, which were breaking my coronary vessels
- Gold pick-up

and a few others. Also I mixed up a loop of a tune for the tavern music ambience, the one that plays at night outside the doors to those cheery places. In this update this file, AMB_TAV, is a veritable playlist, with Irish music.


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19 minutes ago, 4udr4n said:

I like most of these but the tavern music is way too modern and electronic sounding for my taste!

I'll give the rest a go and see how I feel.

Kudos for the slew of really intriguing mods recently.

Each to his own, but I suggest listening to the tavern loop in game, outside a tavern, at night. See if it doesn't make you feel better. ;) 

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Just open them in an audio player, if you care to nitpick so much. I'll give you a hint, though: the ones starting with WAL are walking sounds. By the way, someone downloaded the file just five minutes ago, before I updated it again for the final time. One squeak was not quite perfect. This hungry downloader should get the copy of the file that is up now, with 0 downloads.

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One last thing I'm going to include here: not sounds but somewhat brighter and livelier southern seas, the kind seen at the Werewolf island. I happened to be there. Put these files in override.

A belated word of caution: these two files are only for the Enhanced Edition.



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Another update. This one is really the last. I discovered that the body search I had made, AMB_D18, is completely ridiculous. I remixed it and made it palatable and cool. Also Indian percussion I made for fun is out for the tavern music, AMB_TAV, and the file now comprises three Irish tunes, looped about. As a 21 Mb file, it is a real and dramatic playlist.

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You mean this checkered pattern? It's the same pattern water already uses, only made more visible because of the brightness and contrast increase. Water is always tiled, and it's either flat and grayish or vivid like this - a trade-off. Don't use the files if the pattern bothers you. Although you would miss out on the gradual brightening and dimming of the waves which, I think, adds to the ambience.

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The difference to ask about is not between BG1 and BG2 but between the "classic" engine (Shadows of Amn and its reverse application to BG1 - Tutu) and the Enhanced Edition. The sounds will work in both, but the water only in EEs (and the files should not be put in override for a "classic" game, they may screw up the water). In the EEs the appearance of this variety of water will be changed wherever it is found, but I'm only aware of this water type being used on the Werewolf Island.

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