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Icewind Dale Crossmod Banter Pack v1.0 is now available!

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More and more heroes are arriving at the Frozenfar... and that is why this mod become a must! If you are looking for a mod that adds talks between mod IWD EE mod NPCs, then you're in the right place. Version 1.0 is available and it includes:

Holvir, Korin, Nella, Severn and Teri, by Kulyok

Dendjelion, a neutral evil halfling blackguard of Bhaal:

Ina, a true neutral undead bardess, introducing potential romance with a female PC:

Karihi, a chaotic neutral pyromancer, scholar and fallen noble, introducing a romance for male PC:

Minerva, a neutral good gnome fighter/artificer with relations to Aura, a mod character for BG Series, introducing a romance for both male and female PC:

Oak-Maw, a lawful evil dark fey stalker, son of the Stag King from Rashemen, introducing a romance for both male and female PC:

Tipps, a neutral evil halfling geomantic sorcerer, introducing a romance for both male and female PC:

Urchin, a true neutral altraloth, the powerful creation of a Night Hag, with an intellect of a child:

Furthermore, Dusky v2.0 is also available, introducing a new encounter and soundset:

Hopefully, all those releases will bring new life to Icewind Dale. Gather your party and face the chilling winds of the Frozenfar, meet new characters and... become a hero one again.

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Question for @Lava: on several mods like Snowytoes, Below Inn etc. you say they only work on IWDEE, not the original IWD. And I’m curious if the incompatibility is down to engine stuff - using EE-only script triggers etc. - or down to content differences. 

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I do not understand why you use this thread for this question and since you are asking me directly, then why is it public? You know my opinion on this because it was discussed here:

Your questions could have been a PM, especially since you knew my concerns regarding such project, because were stated before. Just, I suppose, not taken seriously. 

Damn, in such moments I feel I just want to retire, seriously.


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Jesus dude.

I wrote in that thread that I understand your concerns and nobody is asking you to support anything. If you choose to ignore the plain language of what I write then it’s your fuckin problem. 

Nobody is attacking you here. YOU made a public statement about your mods in relation to oIWD and IWDEE, and I asked a simple question about that. I guess I’m sorry I added more context, I didn’t know it would send you into a rage. (I will delete it now.)

And I’m sorry I didn’t PM you, but personally I fucking hate it when people PM me, it bothers me immensely and I didn’t want to bother you like that. How shitty of me. :rolleyes:


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Yes, I do have a problem with that: you publically admit you have made alternative versions of my mods, with changes you know I am not comfortable with and say you have it for private reasons, yet you decide to use public posts about that? (And THAT is what I am having a problem with: not the fact you made it for yourself, but for a public announcement there is some off-stage version of a mod version you knew I wouldn't approve, rather than just talking to me directly.) I would say that things like private materials are exactly what the private / direct messaging option is there for (and you used them when talking to me before).

Even though I am damn angry, yes, I won't use curse words and swear back. But I also have nothing else to say here.

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Honestly? I think you have a weird position here. You make mods which, by their nature, expose their code to every user. I have no idea how many people have made and changed copies of my own mods - in public, on the internet, for anyone to find. But what do I care? As long as they don’t claim authorship and don’t push players to use the unauthorized copies, what do I care what they do?? All my mods have numerous branched copies on Github, and it costs me nothing. No extra time, no extra work,  nothing. I think you fear a bogeyman that doesn’t actually exist. For the sake of some weird puritanism about which platforms are worthy of interoperability with your mods? 

And yet, even if I think your position is dumb, I have repeatedly said I respect your desire. I have publicly condemned people like Endarire and that other idiot whose name I forget, who are careless with author wishes. I have been hesitant to change others’ work even when invited to. And yet somehow I still fall short of whatever ridiculous moral high ground you have conceived?

I may have used colorful language above but in case you decline to take the point I will state it plainly: you were unnecessarily uncivil when you have no cause to be so. You are upset by a phantom, an imaginary threat. And I take umbrage with your ascribing ill intentions to me without good reason. Instead of just declining to answer. Or, God forbid, actually being helpful.

I will do whatever I damn well please with the files on my computer. And I will discuss modding on a modding discussion site. And I will never publish unauthorized or modified copies of any modder’s work, including yours. If these positions don’t live up to your ideals, I think you should honestly reevaluate those ideals. 

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