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Congratulations to the release, including all the awesome IWD NPC mods from @Artemius I and you. Kudos also to @Kulyok for her known IWD NPC pack, of course.

This lifts IWD to a totally new level! I can't get enough dialogues, banters, and interjections from the NPCs I take along, and playing IWD back in the day with my own created NPCs was nothing but dull.

Thank you for your work on breathing life to IWD NPCs (and so many!)!

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This is really nice... now I just have to find time to play the old game.

Azazello, is that mod even compatible with the IWDEE at all ?

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Only with Classic IwD. Also works in a modded install, tried it years ago.

Hoping one day, some intrepid soul(s) will give them dialogue, banters and ee-gads maybe even romances.

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12 minutes ago, Guest DKOD said:

Does this work with @Kulyok's Icewind Dale NPCs mod?

or does it already include it?

From the Mod's page:


Currently, this mod includes content for the following NPCs:

  • Holvir, Korin, Nella, Severn and Teri by Kulyok


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