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Why don't you people get down to rolling back Beamdog's changes?

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On 6/22/2020 at 12:08 AM, temnix said:

There is no way to become immersed in a fantasy world when it's presented as a real-time strategy, almost, or at any rate a wargame. 

Real-time strategy controls would certainly be appreciated considering the sheer amount of combat.

Other than this, I don't care about sprites or bars, but the colored circles are an improvement over that neon-like green in the original. It clashed with both the color palette of the backgrounds and the gui. 

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Rather, you can find, not; you crash into crates of fire arrows. And you can also make it so that the crate is handled by a merchant and he sells them for a price... no ones going to question in an RTS, where you managed to find all the tools to manufacture a war factory from alien cristals and something called Vespene Gas, whatever that is.

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