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Ascension - report bugs here


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I've just released version 2.0.11, which fixes a few bugs and compatibility issues (notably, the nasty bug where you got granted the slayer power, lots of times, upon going to Watcher's Keep in Shadows of Amn). 

- Slayer power is no longer granted (and re-granted, and regranted...) if you go to Watcher's Keep in SoA
- slightly tightened the script that grants Bhaalspawn powers
- Blocked a (rare) scenario where Balthazar or another NPC ally could get resurrected, mid-battle, as a neutral
- 'Slightly improved cutscenes' was erroneously requiring Enhanced Edition
- Imoen and Sarevok's banters should now be less interruptable (thanks to Jastey for advice on this one)

Compatibility fixes:
- Imoen's NPC dialogs no longer lead to a stutter-bug clash with Imoen Romance
- Removed compatibility code with Iylos and Edwin, since those mods have updated to work without it
- Enforced the requirement that Iylos and Spell Revisions are installed after Ascension
- Melissan's spear ('spermel') is now patched correctly (and no longer throws a WARNING) if the beta fixes from BG2 fixpack are installed


Download the mod

Download at GitHub

Project page


EDIT: updated to 2.0.12 - the only changes are to translations. (Notably, the Russian translation has been fully updated.)

EDIT: updated to 2.0.13. Changelog:

  • Further Russian translation updates
  • Updated Detectable Spells
  • Guarded against Timestop detection variable not properly being deactivated

EDIT: updated to 2.0.14. Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some non-English translation lines being used properly
  • Replaced outdated use of LONG_BOW as a synonym for MAGE_ALL in scripts (in rare cases this was causing compatibility issues with other mods)
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Guest Jeulz95

Hi there, I am having the same issues as described in a 2.0.8 comment where Balthazar and Melissan are teleporting into Abazigal's Lair after he dies, forcing a confrontation that should actually happen in the Palace itself: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30544-ascension-208-out-report-bugs-here/page/2/

"I have a weird bug in ToB. Right after I killed Abazigal, there is a cutscene that shows Balthazar and Melissan in Balthazar's palace. And after that ends, the same cutscene happens back in Abazigal's lair too, with Balthazar and Melissan somehow teleported there. But this time, you intervene the talk. I selected to support Balthazar, and Melissan summoned some monsters and a fight broke, Balthazar on my side. We killed everyone, but Melissan can't be killed. She becomes near death and stays at that condition. Because the fight was never ending, I left Abazigal's lair and went back to Amkethlan, to Balthazar's palace. But, there is noone inside the palace, completely empty. So, I can't progress further at this point. "

I am not positive if this is related to Ascension or not. I saw a similar mention here but not much else in terms of a solution: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/26324/known-7232-mod-sendai-bug-she-wont-die

Do you have any suggestions? Perhaps variables I could toggle and reset?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Guest Asceneion

The warning for melissan spear does not appear if you install the beta fixes for fixpack in classic baldurs gate.


Question: does it mean that in classic baldurs gate we are forced to install beta fixes from fixpaxk otherwise melissan spear wont work?

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Guest Jeulz95

In reply to my issue above with Balthazar and Melissan spawning in Abazigal's lair after he dies, I found a much more detailed description of the problem here by micbaldur ("Cutscene problem at Abazigal's Lair (AR6005)"): shsforums.net/topic/47635-notes-oddities-and-possible-bugs-in-my-bwp-game-spoilers/page-51

Initial thoughts were that this is a bug with Wheels of Prophecy, but this post suggests the issues is that cutscene CUT235A.BCS should load (taken back to Pocket Plane with Solar) but instead cutscene DW#BALC2.BCS loads (Balthazar and Melissan in the palace). 

I will try tinkering with these variables:


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Guest Jeulz95
2 hours ago, DavidW said:

It is a Wheels or Prophecy bug. DW#BALC2 is a Wheels of Prophecy file.

I believe I was able to get around the issue.

Before fighting Abazigal, I set Global("HadBhaal25Dream3","GLOBAL",0) from 0 to 1. 

After the fight, the cutscene of Balthazar and Melissan talking in the palace played. I believe normally the Pocket Plane Solar cutscene should follow, however it did not since the variable above was set =1. I made another save file where I set the variable back =0 (i.e. just removed it) and upon reload, the Pocket Plane Solar cutscene immediately began as expected. I traveled back to the palace and the regular cutscene with Balthazar began (although Melissan was already taken away and the first dialogue option was to ask where she was). I am not sure how this normally unfolds with Wheels of Prophecy since this is my first time playing ToB in over 10 years, but I think this is good enough to progress the plot. 

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Guest guest

can you add an option in the .ini to remove the magical damage of the slayer killing the player after a certain amount of rounds have passed?

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On 7/1/2020 at 2:32 AM, Guest guest said:

can you add an option in the .ini to remove the magical damage of the slayer killing the player after a certain amount of rounds have passed?

I don't think so.

(a) I don't want to add features to Ascension that are quite so clearly against developer intent, and it's an absolutely core part of the Slayer concept that you eventually get overwhelmed.

(b) It's not trivial to do: the slayer forms mostly have a cumulative chance of losing control, which eventually will hit 100%. Without the kill effect, you can end up in a broken state where the player is permanently uncontrollable. One could code around that, but now we're talking about a new mod really, not an ini tweak to an existing one.

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