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Conceptual Compatibility with Mods

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I am planning on including this with my next modded run of EET and I'm wondering about some conceptual incompatibilities of the Enter Haer'Dalis component.  Is this thematically compatible with the Haer'Dalis friendship?  Will it pop up at a thematically inappropriate time, or do the mods account for each other?  I'm interested in consistent characterization, or the mods staying out of each other's way. 

I'm interested in avoiding situations described in the Corthala Romantique Readme


Romantic Ecounters, components "Valygar Romance, by Kulyok" and "Valygar Romance ToB, by Kulyok": technically, the two mods are compatible. Content-wise, I don't think it's a good idea to have two romances play together, as they paint slightly different pictures of Valygar and might make him sound like he has a bad short-time memory.

As a follow-up, does the Valygar Romance play nicely with the Valygar Friendship mod, or will I get some schizophrenic behaviour if both these components and the Valygar Friendship mod is installed?

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I add on top of your post another consideration: is it a good place to actually have a full fleshed romance inside a mod called Romantic Encounters? Because I would never even thought that it had one, given that the mod is called "romantic encounters".

In fact, I thought the clash was between a romantic encounter added by the mod for charname concerning Valygar and the romances for valygar you can find in the .net.

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