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Alternatives updates to v15!

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Alternatives updates to v14!

The new version comes with an Italian version by @fedearianna and full compatibility with Imoen4Ever! Thank you for the Italian translation, fedearianna!



- Italian version by fedearianna added.
- Malficus should recognize if PC made other final choice and leave.
- Killing Aran for Malficus should not give journal entry that mentions Bhodi.
- Compatibility with Imoen4Ever added. New lines translated by Austin (Russian), Jazira (French), jastey (English, German). Simplified Chinese still pending, missing lines were added in English.
- False reference to Aran in journal entry corrected (French, German, Russian).
- infer_charset corrected to infer_charsets in tp2.
- alternatives.ini added to support Project Inifnity.

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The mod updates to v14.1!

v14.1 comes with a fixed chapter increase if going the Malficus route and not doing all available quests.



- Chapter increase to chapter 4 should work correctly if route via Malficus is taken and PC did not go against the thieves guild.

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The mod updates to v15!

v15 comes with a Polish version by Aristo and a fixed bug where Malfisto would end his work with the PC although they didn't agree to Aster yet.

Thanks to Aristo for the Polish translation!



- Polish version by Aristo added.
- added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info
- Fixed bug with Malficus disappearing after only talking to Aster.

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