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No traps mod, how to tell?

Guest Goshozal

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Guest Goshozal


I just grabbed BGEE and BG2EE to work on some solo runs, and I always hated having to work around traps. I found out about the CDTweaks collection and was thrilled that it included the ability to remove traps, plus it has a lot of other nice features. I've been plowing through BGEE with it and haven't had a problem until the Firewine Dungeon, where I still hit several arrow traps and a fireball trap. Nothing too bad, but I was wondering if there's a way to know what it does/doesn't fix? When it said on the mod that "special" traps remain, I figured it meant stuff like the crushing death trap in Spellhold.

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I've just tested it quickly and on my install it's turned the traps off normally. So I'm not sure what's going on there. Possibly it didn't install properly? Check the 'weidu.log' file in your game folder and check that 'no locks or traps' is listed.

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