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Kagain's quest

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Kagain wants the party to look for Entar Silvershield's son. When the party travels to the crossroads, the place of the ambushed caravans, Kagain suggests giving up the search. I don't know how this is implemented exactly, but the boy is there among the dead, and his has his own script name. Maybe it is used, maybe it isn't. From what I heard, Unfinished Business completes or restores this quest. How does it actually go there? I have a better way to handle this quest than any mumbling or made-up excuse - I can resurrect the dead. But I don't want to mess up compatibility in such a way that neither method of completing the quest will work.

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Unfinished Business' version of Kagain's quest is "superceded" by BGEE 2.5. By this they probably mean that in BGEE, I don't know since which version, it's possible to reach the place of ambush with Kagain, at which point the quest is pronounced completed and the boy dead. This is a closure, and that's what I wanted to know - how the Enhanced Edition handles this quest, because my mod is going to be for BGEE. I think the boy's body was put on the ground by Beamdog, and they arranged the resolution. That's good, I can take it from there without worrying about Unfinished Business.

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