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Soundsets and Portraits

Soundsets and Portraits  

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How do people organize their custom soundsets?  Do you come up with categories and re-organize things that way.  Do you just dump everything in the folder and leave it as it lays?  Do you append your custom portraits and soundsets to the naming schemes used by the base game?  I'm especially interested in hearing what people who have extensive collections of soundsets and portraits have done.  If you have a custom sorting system, then please feel free to share.

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I haven't messed with Soundsets, but for portraits I have a big folder of properly sized and named NPC and PC portraits that I dump into override and my portraits folder respectively.

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PC001, PC002 etc.

Also, worth knowing that in EE, you only need a single portrait, the game will resize it for you. Resizing can slightly blur it, so you will get sharper small portraits if you resize manually.

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