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Does the game time of starting SoA matter?

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When somebody installs Shadows of Amn, and Throne of Bhaal, by themselves, the game starts at some indeterminate time from the beginning in Candlekeep. I'm not talking about what it says in dialogues, I mean the game clock - it starts from 0. When a trilogy-type install is played (BGEE + SoD + BG2EE or EET and so on), plot developments are strung along for convenience, the move from the North to a little farther north to Amn is charted, but there is still no connection to particular clock time, is there? I'm thinking of advancing time after the move to Amn in a trilogy game to get the engine to apply a custom effect. I'm changing the appearance of commoners, noblemen and children in the games to reflect racial differences between the north and Amn. Amnians are going to be duskier. The problem is that there is nothing to distinguish a commoner in the BG part of a trilogy to one encountered in Athkatla. They use the same animation, they are called the same. A player of a trilogy would either see everyone fair-headed and light-skinned, even in Amn, or everyone swarthy, even at Dragonspear. But if I apply the fair recoloring to creatures with timing mode 9, right away, and dusky recoloring with timing mode 7, "Permanent after duration," delaying it by some large number of clock ticks, by a game year let's say, then advance time ahead this much at the start of SoA, I should be able to make the dusky coloring trigger instantly for everyone from that point onwards. There is no danger to rewinding the clock ahead, is there?

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