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SHS: The Slithering Menace updated to v4.0.0 with EE compatibility

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Spellhold Studios

The Slithering Menace mod has been updated and is now available with macOS and Linux support. v4.0.0 includes v3.5 by Deratiseur (BG2:EE compatibility) and is ToB, BGT, BG2:EE and EET compatible.

This mod is a very serious (or not...) attempt to make Throne of Bhaal more interesting. It adds a small "quest" containing sn... "an encounter of serpentine nature" on the pocket pl... "dimension", as well as a brand new (and stylish!) item.


Read the Readme
Visit the Mod Forum
SHS Download Center
SHS official GitHub alternate download center

Change log:

- Added snakes.ini metadata file to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
- Renamed Setup-SNAKES.tp2 -> snakes.tp2 to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
- Replaced `AUTHOR` keyword with `SUPPORT`.
- Added `VERSION` flag.
- Added `README` command.
- Added missing `REQUIRE_PREDICATE` process to avoid installing the mod in inaccurate games.
- Added component `DESIGNATED` number and "the_slithering_menace" `LABEL`.
- Fixed infer_charsets variable name in `HANDLE_CHARSETS` function.
- Added native EET compatibility.
- Fixed Snake-skin loafers (jl#shoes.itm): Added missing opcodes #267 Protection from Display Specific String (14000 "Slow" and 14668 "Slowed") and #169 Immunity Special Effect Icon (41 Slow).
- Added `ADD_JOURNAL` new WeiDU command for EE games.
- Revamped jl#snakes.d: Replaced old-school `IsValidForPartyDialogue("XXX")` conditions with more accurate `InParty("XXX") InMyArea("XXX") !StateCheck("XXX",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)` and all APPEND banter files with CHAIN.
- Revamped script jl#snakes.baf: Replaced old-school trigger conditions `!StateCheck("XXX",STATE_SLEEPING)` with more accurate CamDawg's `!StateCheck("XXX",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)`.
- Added German, Italian (thanks Salk!) and Spanish WeiDU prompts.
- Updated translations (Gwendolyne and Austin).
- Split, updated, renamed readme file to "snakes-readme-%LANGUAGE%.txt" and moved them into new "readme" folder.
- Reorganized mod architecture tree: created or renamed folders to sort files according to their types.
- Lower cased files.
- Included Linux and Mac Os X versions in the same package (thanks AL|EN's Infinity Auto Packager tool!).
- Added archive libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info.
- Uploaded mod to official Spellhold Studios GitHub mirror account.

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