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Initial Palette ?

Guest Bodhi

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Guest Bodhi

Hello Gibberlings !

I have a simple yet hard-to-find-answer question ! I'm playing with animations currently and wondering if the initial palette can be found somewhere ?

By initial palette I mean, the one you can see in pre-processed animations. (cyan, red, blue, etc.)

I could write it down from animation but it's tedious and uncertain

For blue it's 000040, 000050, 000070, 000090, 0000b0, 0000d1, 0000f0, 1111ff, 7171ff, b1b1ff, d1d1ff, f6f6ff, for a total of 12 colors. Found not trace of 3131ff for exemple, though ff3131 seem to exist in the red palette. (weird... ?)

Thank you !

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