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Hey! I thought we could use a thread with info on the recent updates. So, version 1.1 is up!

Version 1.1 includes: new banters (with freshly released T'viy NPC for IWD EE), fixed broken romance conflict between Oak-Maw and Ina, fixed missing crossmod between Dendjelion and Tipps.

Grab v1.1 and... enjoy! :)

Thanks to @Brokenkatana for proofreading T'viy talks and @Artemius I for coding!

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I do not plan on traifying this mod anytime soon. This mod will be most likely updated each time a new IWD companion is released and updating different available languages each time it happens isn't something I want to do.

From what I know, neither @The Artisan has such plans regarding this mod.

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I'd say that traify-ing the mod makes sense the moment one of the IWD NPCs it's adding content for is translated into another language. 🤔

At least, if that's the case it would be great to have the banters in the same language.

There is ways to copy over the English texts if other versions are not complete, so hunting for translations wouldn't be necessary.

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