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Some potential typos. I'm less than certain about some of the globals I note below but they might be worth a double-check at least.

dendjelion-iwdnpc.d line 95:
== L#DENDJB ~Maybe <PRO_HESHE>'s the smart one. He knows he needs someone with enough grit to actually get the dirty things done.~
Should it be something like "<PLAYER1> knows <PRO_HESHE> needs" instead?

dendjelion-karihi.d line 27:
DO ~IncrementGlobal("C0KarihiDendjelionBanter3","GLOBAL",1)~
Should it be "C0KarihiDendjelionBanter2" instead?

dendjelion-minerva.d line 14:
== L#DENDJB ~Don't get me wrong, I'm not denyin' your style works! I've seen it first hand. It's just fun watching the blades fly in battle. Have you ever gotten close enough to see how confused and horrify they look when your knives impale 'em? Ha!~
Should perhaps be "how confused and horrified they look" instead.

dendjelion-urchin.d lines 44 and 62:
Global("L#UrchinDendjelionBanter2","GLOBAL",2)~ THEN L#URCHIB URCHIN-DENDJELION-3
Global("L#UrchinDendjelionBanter2","GLOBAL",3)~ THEN L#URCHIB URCHIN-DENDJELION-4
Should it be "GLOBAL",1 and "GLOBAL",2 instead?

dusky-iwdnpc.d line 44:
==BO#HOLVI ~We all may lose a friend on some point. What we should do, if remember them and fight for what they would fight.~
on some point -> at some point
if remember -> is remember

dusky-iwdnpc.d line 72:
==BO#SEVER IF ~IsGabber("O#SEVERN") !StateCheck("O#SEVERN",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~I'm sorry you say that, Dusky, but you can't win with her. I'm afraid no one ever did.~
Should it be "I'm sorry to say that" instead of "I'm sorry you say that"?

dusky-iwdnpc.d line 100:
==BO#KORIN ~Fine. Have some. Just don't tell me what's exactly itching you. I REALLY don't want to know.~
itching you. -> "itching on you."

dusky-iwdnpc.d line 120:
~What would you do if I sold the Heartsone Gem, Nella? (grin)~
Heartsone -> Heartstone

dusky-karihi.d line 88:
== L#DUSKYB IF ~Alignment("C0Karihi",MASK_GOOD)~ THEN ~Ha! I'll pass, but I your attitude. Never change, Karihi.~
"but I your attitude" -> Missing like or love?

dusky-minerva.d lines 56 and 61:
~So, CHARNAME calls you 'Mini' now, eh?~ [C0BLANK]
== L#DUSKYB ~Aww, whyever? You seem to like it well enough when CHARNAME calls you that.~

dusky-oak.d line 15:
== L#OMB ~Hmh. Don't understimate my skills—I may not be the most nimble person, but I'm still a born hunter.~
understimate -> underestimate

dusky-oak.d line 17:
== L#OMB ~I'm not going to get in the way, you can count on that much..~
much.. -> much...

ina-iwdnpc.d line 68:
~I believe we... did not end on our last conversation on the best note, Holvir.~
did not end on our last -> did not end our last

ina-iwdnpc.d line 97:
==BO#TERI ~I don't doubt that. But you're got a lifetime... un-life-time...? ...to pick up all sorts of tricks.~
But you're got -> But you've got

ina-oak.d line 9:
~I find you form... familiar, ghost. You are much like the spirits of my homeland.~
you form -> your form

ina-oak.d line 32:
== L#OMB ~I can only try to imagine what you mean and how you are able experience these... tastes.~
able experience -> able to experience

ina-oak.d line 49:
== L#INAB ~I don't know, Oak-Maw. Perhaps there no easy answer.~
there no -> there is no

ina-tipps.d line 67:
== L#INAB ~Maybe I should. Yet the stars will keep calling me, I'm sure of it. They lure me with their celestail taste.~
celestail -> celestial

karihi-iwdnpc.d line 109:
== BO#KORIN ~I do not know. But him—and his people—do not deserve to continue in their torment as they have for so long.~
him -> he

karihi-iwdnpc.d line 123:
== BO#NELLA ~I—it's nothing. A instinctive reaction, nothing more.~
A instinctive -> An instinctive

karihi-iwdnpc.d line 199:
~So... Untheric, eh? I never would have saw that coming.~ [C0BLANK]
saw -> seen

karihi-iwdnpc.d line 200:
DO ~IncrementGlobal("C0KarihiHolvirBanter3","GLOBAL",1)~
Should it be C0KarihiSevernBanter3?

karihi-minerva.d line 66:
== BC0KARIH ~No, you silly creature. That is EXACTLY what he was going, without a single doubt.~
going -> doing

karihi-tipps.d line 12:
== BC0KARIH ~The power in your blood is a rare one, 'tis true, but it is hardly something that holds potential unmatched my an arcanist with sufficient knowledge.~
my an -> by an

karihi-urchin.d line 88:
Should it be "GLOBAL",3 instead?

dusky-tviy.d line 14:
== L#TVIYB ~Sometimes it's all that's needed. Some proper blidness. It can change everything. It can become a GIFT to a god. A gift that CAN'T be ignored.~
blidness -> blindness

karihi-tviy.d line 11:
== L#TVIYB ~DIRT, EARTH and MAGMA or but a three different faces of similar power. Of similar ELEMENT we all DIG THROUGH.~
or but a three different faces -> are but three different faces

minerva-iwdnpc.d line 245:
~I remember entering a house of Gond once. Oh, how lovely it was. So many strange and wondrous contraptions, gittering and shining...~ [C0BLANK]
gittering -> glittering

minerva-tviy.d line 9:
~WHY are you looking at me, hmm? Is there somehting you NEED from T'viy?~
somehting -> something

minerva-tviy.d line 12:
== BC0MMin ~If I was to say who was the dirties person I have ever met, I would need to point my finger at you. Sorry, but that's true.~
dirties -> dirtiest

oak-iwdnpc.d line 65:
==BO#HOLVI ~There is no single word to describe it. It is the home of artisans and many goodly faiths. My words along would not do it justice.~
along -> alone

oak-iwdnpc.d line 85:
==BO#TERI ~I'd much rather be called Teri. It's... friendlier.!~
friendlier.! -> friendlier!

oak-iwdnpc.d line 114:
~You are a skilled ranger yourself, Korin. I've been observing for sometime.~
sometime -> some time

oak-iwdnpc.d line 117:
==L#OMB ~Looks like you've also practices self-control when you hunt and track others. I've been expected to learn the same.~
you've also practices self-control -> you also practice self-control

oak-iwdnpc.d line 150:
==BO#NELLA ~When I was a child, everything seemed bigger, once. Though the Great Oak has not lost any of its majesty to me, not its importance to me.~
not its -> nor its

oak-tipps.d line 9:
~I don't think I've ever seen anyone with magic to control the forces of natures like yours. It's not like that of the Rashemi witches, the wychlaran, but neither is it like the magic of the Red Wizards.~
forces of natures -> forces of nature

oak-tipps.d line 53:
== L#TIPB ~They would, if you made yourself known though tales. Like the one you're part of now, right?~
though -> through

tipps-dendjelion.d line 12:
== L#TIPB ~Hmm, I don't know. Seems dangerous, worshipping the Lord of Murder. But I guess we need a good killer for a quest like this. You're as unpredictable as a wild storm, cutting though every expectation and bringing victory.~
though -> through

tipps-dendjelion.d line 29:
== L#TIPB ~What? Oh, no. Not at the moment, I was looking at something else. You're not the only interesting things out here, Dendjelion. And I definitely don't do... 'dirty doodles'.~
interesting things -> interesting thing

tipps-dendjelion.d line 73:
==L#TIPB ~I've made a point to break every common perception long-legged folk think about ouw kin. We're just not respected enough, being short and known for our pranks and smoking.~
ouw -> our

tipps-dendjelion.d line 80:
==L#TIPB ~All people expect us to be are thieves, storytellers and smokers. We're capable of far more of that, aren't we?~
far more of that -> far more than that

tipps-dendjelion.d line 157:
~You heard the boss, Tipps! <PRO_HESHE>'s givin'' us the okay, haha!~
<PRO_HESHE>'s givin'' -> <PLAYER1>'s givin' (since PRO_HESHE would be uncapitalized at the beginning of a sentence)

tipps-iwdnpc.d line 17:
==BO#SEVER ~Ah, the endless surprising stuggles of a bard... regardless, it must have been an unforgettable memory.~
stuggles -> struggles

tipps-iwdnpc.d line 49:
~I've met a lot of people my life. You're the first one who's got me at a loss, paladin. I don't know what to say to you—we've got nothing in common.~
people my life -> people in my life

tipps-iwdnpc.d line 51:
==BO#HOLVI ~There is no need to force yourself to find common ground where there is none. I fear you will only set yourself up for diappointment. If you would prefer to remain distant, I can understand.~
diappointment -> disappointment

tipps-tviy.d line 32:
Global("L#TippsTviyBanter1","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN L#TVIYB L#TippsTviyBanter2
Should it be "GLOBAL",1 instead?

tipps-urchin.d line 56:
== L#TIPB ~Right, good ehough. Let's get started the next time we take a break, then. I'm not sure you're used to walking and learning at the same time, and I'd rather not give you a headache.~
ehough -> enough

tipps-urchin.d line 72:
== L#TIPB ~You need to work non your pronunciation. To say 's' properly, you need to put your tongue on alveolar ridge. Then, let the air flow.~
non -> on

urchin-iwdnpc.d line 58:
==BO#HOLVI ~It is not an easy journey, and for some, it is an lifelong one.~
an lifelong one -> a lifelong one

Romance Conflict - dusky-tipps.d line 19:
~So I guess I've been wasting my time all alone?~
alone -> along

Romance Conflict - karihi-iwdnpc.d line 42:
DO ~SetGlobal("C0KarihiRomanceActive","GLOBAL",0)~ EXIT
Should it be "GLOBAL",3 instead?

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Some possible typos I noticed in the new Orra content.

karihi-orra.d, line 31:
~I suppose I should just ask you directly - do you dislike me, Kerihi?~
Kerihi -> Karihi

orra-tipps.d, line 30:
~If you know where to look for.~
for -> for them

orra-tipps.d, line 33:
~well, you can call me a book WYRM. No... a BOOK DRAGON.~
well -> Well

ina-orra.d, line 13:
~How come, orra?~
orra -> Orra

ina-orra.d, line 14:
~Sometimes it's hard to tell a difference between spirits and gods. Many of those gods are actually powerful spirits that may grand power or see things that hide from mortal eyes.~
grand -> grant

ina-orra.d, line 32:
~I see differently now. Taste lands. My senses can reach beyond limits you are bond with. And while that means I also can't experience many things you can indulge yourself with... It would feel bizarre to leave my new self and... be who? Who would I be...? Old Ina?~
bond with -> bound by

ina-orra.d, line 33:
~The question you asked is hard, I am unsure if there' just one answer.~
there' -> there's

dusky-orra.d, line 14:
~Is that so? Well, you already know some divine tricks... Haven't you stole a heart or two before?~
stole -> stolen

dendjelion-orra.d, line 11:
~I met many adventurers of doubtful morality but you, Dendjelion, are nothing else but an agent of the most pitful ideas and urges.~
pitful -> pitiful

orra-iwdnpc.d, line 50:
~However, I was always more interested in more... pragmatic kind of art. Like architecture. Pottery. Wood carving.~
in more -> in the more

orra-iwdnpc.d, line 122:
~I think that las beast scratched me somewhere near my spine. Could you please take a look?~
las -> last

orra-iwdnpc.d, line 177:
~Hey, Orra! I was wondering: have you ever stole anything?~
stole -> stolen

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Changed my mind.
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