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Bug with IWD spells in french install

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For some reason I don't know, installing IWD spells via SCS install "Summon lesser Water Elemental" with this name: "Convocation d'un �l�mentaire d'eau mineur", and it crashes the game when a sorcerer goes up to level 10.

The description text is also bugged, seems not UTF8 converted

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Hmm. Thinking about this more, "Summon lesser water elemental" is one of the few strings that is added by SCS, not just grabbed from IWDEE. SCS uses HANDLE_CHARSETS to convert all its tra files to UTF-8 on EE installs: the converted files live in weidu_external/lang/stratagems/[language]. Jazira, maybe you could check that your file is being converted correctly. I have to admit that this is not a side of modding that I know well, being monolingual in English.

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I force-converted all the files in ANSI (expect setup), you could try this.

I tried to upload them to github, but no changes were detected at all... (I have no idea if github pay any attention to encoding)

I don't know how to proceed in that case on github so i uploaded them manually here https://www.mediafire.com/file/gojgx2kktgxqc9s/SCSFR.rar/file

Maybe some of my previous files got some "ghost"-encoding part (Some part in UTF8 and some other part in ANSI). Honnestly i don't know, neither how to check it nor to confirm that.

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I did my own testing: the .tra files are already in ANSI when downloaded from github inside the normal stratagems folder. When installing, I checked the IWD spells-related .tra files in the weidu_external/lang/stratagems/french location, and they were converted to UTF-8. Pre-converting the .tra files in the normal stratagems folder to UTF-8 with Notepad++ and then re-installing the component results in garbled text inside the weidu_external folder (each "é", for example, renders as "élé" instead), but actually fixes the problem and lets the previously crashing spells no longer crash the game, plus the text looks correct in-game. It seems as though whatever process you're using to try to convert the ANSI .tra files to UTF-8 is not working correctly, leading to text that looks correct in the converted weidu_external files but crashes the game.

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Reproduced; fixed locally. Entirely an SCS problem - there's nothing wrong with the files you supplied.

In case anyone's interested in the cause:

- SCS follows a slightly nonstandard protocol in UTF-8 conversions: instead of running HANDLE_CHARSETS on them (to do UTF-8 conversion) in the mod's own language folder, they get copied to an external directory and HANDLE_CHARSETS is run on them there. SCS then uses a variable ('scs_tra_loc') to know where to look for the UTF-8 files. (The reason is to make the SCS mod folder immutable when the mod is installed, which I have as a design goal for various reasons.)

- Most of SCS gets its translations through a standard interface, but for various reasons I don't do that with the IWD spells - they have their own code. And I neglected to update that code when I updated to the new way of doing UTF-8 conversions.

- So SCS is reading the original language file to get the iwdspells tra entries. And of course the file there is still unconverted. Meanwhile the converted version is just fine, but is sitting unused in an external directory.

Of course I never noticed in testing, because I test exclusively in English and UTF-8 conversion isn't an issue there.

Anyway, I'll try to upload an updated version in the next day or so. (In the meantime, if anyone wants to fix the problem themselves, just copy dw_iwdspells_arcane.tra and dw_iwdspells_divine.tra from weidu_external/lang/stratagems/[your language] into stratagems/lang/[your language], and then reinstall the first two components of SCS.

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