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Can't Dual-Class Imoen at BG2 Start

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1 hour ago, subtledoctor said:

Eh... it's in the "Rule Changes" group. If you want to change the rules to disallow dual-classing and only allow multiclassing, or vice-versa, it seems reasonable that a mod would let you choose which combination you want to play with.

Yeah, like I said, it is good to have options and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it being there...but the weird thing with that "both" option is that it opens up dual-classing to non-humans (so they get both multi-classing AND dual-classing)...but then denies it to humans. I could understand wanting to disable dual classing altogether, I can understand wanting to enable it for everyone, but to disable it for the group of character who naturally get it in the game (which has a bunch of NPCs already using it) and in P&P while also enabling it for the group of characters that doesn't get it in either would seem like an utterly bizarre choice and I'd have to wonder why anyone would pick it. Maybe there's someone out there that's so misanthropic about specifically humans and not elves or dwarves that they remove that benefit just to be mean, :p.

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Here is another mystery for anyone still feeling like playing BG2 Detective: My Level 8 Cleric, imported from BG, has saving throws that the wiki says he should:  7/11/10/13/12 

When I level up to 9, according to the wiki, my saving throws should remain the same. And yet, when I level up to 9, they do change- and even weirder, some go up and some go down. The info panel says death "reduced"by -2 and polymorph by -1. Spells reduced by positive one. And indeed, looking at my new totals, they are 9/11/11/13/11. Surely leveling up should never cause a character to get weaker, right?

My best guess is that, since this is the character's first level up in BG2, I'm tapping into a modded saving throw table- but why? If SCS or SR or Tweakpack make changes to PC saving throw tables, I don't see it in the documentation.

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1 hour ago, Philosofy101 said:

My best guess is that, since this is the character's first level up in BG2, I'm tapping into a modded saving throw table- but why?

The imported creature keeps their saves until you level up... this has always been the case, this is how the dragons keep their saves low while being level 1 creatures. Well, even when they are. Also the reduction algorithm doesn't account the kit effects, and so paladins could have their saves reduced a lot of times while they actually just improve. Hmm, you could --change-log one of the save tables... on a vacation, can't find the file name, nor the link... 😛

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I think SR does change save tables. I forget - I’ve used my own more sensible (imho) save tables for a long time so I haven’t paid attention. But I vaguely recall seeing Demi talk about altered save tables on these forums.

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Subtledoctor is correct, SR forcibly installs new saving throws for all class types (...made optional-though-still-default via the settings.ini in SRR, of course, ;)).

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