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Hi everyone! I'm very new to Baldur's Gate and have a fairly simple question to ask: Is the mod Sword Coast Stratagems v33.1 fully compatible with the latest versions of the following mods: BG1 NPC Project, Unfinished Business, Portraits Portraits Everywhere and Distinguishable Clubs?






Also, the page listing mods compatible with BG:EE + SoD over there at Beamdog states that SCS needs a fix to work. After I've installed SCS following all the instructions, do I still need to use that fix for SCS to work in my game? The fix mentioned is in the link below.


Just so you guys know, I have the BG:EE + Siege of Dragonspear from Steam, and I installed them yesterday for the very first time and so far I only played for 30 minutes just to see how it was and if everything was ok, so my install is 100% vanilla clean and I would like to make my first playthrough with those mods listed above.

Last but not least, any recommendations about other mods that are 100% compatible with the ones mentioned above and that would fit really well with someone like me playing BG for the first time?

Thank you in advance!

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bg1ubm bg1npc, and scs are definitely compatible if installed in the correct install order. The portrait mod should not give any problems. I don't know the clubs mod.

With SoD from Steam you need to prepare your game before installing mods. The DLC Merger should be the first mod you install for this.

The question about the mod recommendations is strongly dependent on what you would be interested in, more quests, more NPCs? Maybe play the game as original as possible if you are playing the first time might also be an idea.

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Also, look at dates when you are assessing install advice. That thread about a fix to SCS is from 2016, but SCS v33 was released in 2020. Normally, critical bugs in mods get fixed when a new release is out, so advice on fixes is then outdated.

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@DavidW and @jastey

After reading all the info about your mods on their respective readmes, and also about DLC Merger and mod install order, I installed them like this: Distinguishable Clubs, BG1 NPC Project + Music Pack, Unfinished Business, Sword Coast Stratagems and Portraits, Portraits Everywhere.

It turns out it is far easier to mod BG than initially seemed. Now I'm on chapter 2 at Nashkel and so far so good, everything is working as intended.  Thank you very much for your helping me out and also for your hard work.


Thank you!

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@DavidW and @jastey

Something that came up on my mind today: Since I'm using these mods, will I be able to use my characters, alongside the NPCs, in Siege of Dragonspear and BG2:EE without any problems?

I can see SCS has features for BG2, but I'm not sure about the other mods. Won't the save file get corrupted or something of the sort? 

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