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Criticism of SCS mod

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7 hours ago, Bartimaeus said:

SR does the same, but it has its own problems, like not being able to leave the current area - meaning you have to kick them out of your party anyways unless you happen to have a Freedom on you.

In my current game with SR 4b18 (and SCS), when a lich cast Imprisonment at Mazzy, first it mazed her, then after some time (wanna say about 5-10 rounds), she died. I eventually beat the lich and then left the area and raised her at a temple.

I'm not 100% sure of how the mods interact, or if SR by itself works the same way. But in any event I'm moderately happy with the way it functions. I suppose it become something like a no-save Finger of Death, where you can use Freedom to get your party member back in the moment, or wait and raise them later on. I guess my only gripe  is that it makes Freedom have very, very narrow utility. Ideally it would apply some condition such that the victim could not be raised unless you first cast Freedom. Like, walk to a temple, cast Freedom to retrieve the body from the Imprisonment, and then raise or resurrect as usual. Or maybe you need the combination of Freedom + Raise out in the field, but you can skip the Freedom step at a temple because it's assumed that priests' abilities to resurrect at actual temples - the seat of their power - can overcome such difficulties.

Don't know if that would be feasible to implement in this engine, though.

(Maybe I'll change Freedom into Dimensional Anchor, or something. Hmmm...)

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3 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

(Maybe I'll change Freedom into Dimensional Anchor, or something. Hmmm...)

Yeah, I think Kreso made it so that it slayed the character after 1 turn to 'fix' the problem, crude solution as it is. No ideal way to solve the problem that anyone's ever been able to think of, unfortunately.

I wasn't able to figure out if Dimensional Anchor would actually prevent someone from being imprisoned in P&P (not that there's any need to follow P&P - I was just curious if it would). From what I was able to tell, it seems like the spell is geared towards preventing the target from trying to do anything extradimensional, not to prevent extradimensional things from happening to it. I also fear that this spell would overwhelmingly benefit the player, especially with no spellstate for SCS to detect to prevent enemies from casting it on the same creature over and over.

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