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How can I mimic specialist mage ability

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I *think* you can target the 326 effect at target 1 or target 9 (“caster” or “original caster”)  to check the condition, and then use target 2 (“preset target”) in the subspell. This, assuming the original spell uses ability target 1 (“creature”) or 4 (“any point”) and/or uses a projectile that applies effects to the spell target(s). You want to check the conditional stat(e) from the spell target, not from the caster, if that makes sense.

I know I’ve done this sort of thing before. I use it for my “fighting stances” feats - give weapons conditional on-hit effects, and simply apply a stat or spellstate to the wielder to trigger it. Ah - maybe that’s what temnix’s secondary/tertiary subspells were for? Op146 to cast a subspell on the target, then 326 with target 9 to check the original caster’s stat (from the target), then whatever effect with target 2 in a secondary subspell (to apply the ultimate desired effect to the target, not the caster). That would explain why it works for me, with op248 you’re already adding a subspell/effect layer from which to check the condition.

Something like that, anyway.

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On 6/30/2020 at 7:13 PM, Bubb said:

Normal specialist bonuses directly modify the save bonus of outgoing effects, but I think I've got an on-target method working:

1) All spells that acknowledge this bonus should have an Opcode #326 (as the first effect) that invokes a subspell.

2) The subspell ability projectile must be '0', else the engine uses an internal projectile that delays the effect application.

3) Put one of the saving throw bonus opcodes (#33-37) in the subspell, using Param2 = 3. The IESDP doesn't list this parameter value, but it is an INCREMENT variant that allows the saving throw to be updated within the current spell application, (normally this cannot be done with stats).

4) To prevent multiple spells that use this mechanism from stacking their modifications if they hit at the same time, another subspell needs to be applied at the end of the top-level spell which reverses the saving throw bonus, (using the same #33-37 opcode, just with an inverted value).

The #326 and #33-37 opcodes should all be Instant/Limited, Duration=0. From my limited testing, the above seems to achieve the desired effect.

Edit: I just checked - the IESDP lists Param2 = 3 for Opcode #325, but it also applies to the individual ones I listed.

Oh, that is awesome! Lol, I have been doing this:

1) change the original spell to multiple subspells with all of the modified saves required for the modification.

2) replace the original spell with a 'shell' that applies 326 effects based on the relevant stats and/or States

This works fine if you are just modifying the spell based on a single stat or state but each additional variable adds another 'layer' to the spell, multiplying everything. (e.g.)

Edit: the example is the same basic idea but iirc it's not applying save bonuses/penalties, so the above strategy wouldn't help there. Just for illustrative purposes

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