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Why are these areas listed as "master"?


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There are some areas in MASTEREA.2DA whose presence there makes no sense to me. Those are small rooms, houses, without any area transitions leading to them. One is a house next to the Friendly Arm inn, with some nameless NPC in it. They seem to have been added ad hoc, below on the list, because the numbers don't follow the incrementing order. Did Beamdog put them here? Anyway, how do I delete a listing from a 2DA file? Clearly a lot of these make no sense, and it's crucial for my current mod that only real masters be listed there.

By the way, why is the inside of the Friendly Arm a separate area from the environs? This has always seemed strange to me. Why is an area transition required there? "You must gather your party" and so on? Is there technical necessity, or is that some arbitrary ad hoc logic?

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