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The Undying

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The Undying what would have been my epic mod if version 3 were to be released. Some background on myself. I've been playing, modding the BG games ever since Baldur's Gate came out in 98 and TeamBG had some tools you could use to mod the game. Quite primitive by today's standards now. Over the years I've created mods, made my own mod community, one of the oldest still functional. I was glad that Beamdog made the Enhanced Editions, I was even invited to be a beta tester on the BG games. They brought new life to one of my favorite game series. But around the time Dragonspear was released, I was finally starting to suffer burnout from modding these games and even playing them. I haven't even played BGEE with Dragonspear yet suffice to say. Also around this time I was 80-90% done with The Undying version 3.0 when shit hit the fan and everything came tumbling down.

I have various versions of the games installed on my PC, like 00783, 0783~, 07833~~ and so on. Anything with a ~ after the folder name contains mod in progress files. As fate would have it, I renamed a folder which had TU 3.0 to do some testing. I forgot to change the folder name back when I was done and a few days later BG2EE had an update and I updated the game and lost everything that I worked on with my mod. Devastating. The other 0783 modded folders had older versions TU 3 and they were only 40-50% done. For a while I tried to salvage what I could and try to go on but I finally gave up. In the past I've lost important mod data, especially in regards to a large Icewind Dale mod I was working on. With that final straw being broken, I retired from modding and basically left the scene, only to show up once in a while.

Last week I was looking over an old hard drive, which has the game and mod files on and since then, I've been wondering if I should get back into the mod scene and get this done. I've even used some ideas of this mod in a fantasy story I'm writing. If I did get back into this, I would be a rookie again, seeing a lot of changes in modding and a lot of forgotten information. We'll see I guess


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Something you could also consider doing if the mountain looks too large to climb is using bits and pieces you like the most in other things.  Basically pull the classic GM move of just re-using encounters/story ideas that the players never saw in new content and claiming that was what you were always intending to do in the first place.

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Guest guest

Is "the forgotten child" only a race changing mod? Because according to the description it seems like new areas and a story are included, but judging by the .tra, only dialogues about race changes seems to be there.

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Downloaded the current versions of the Beamdog EE games, made another copy of BG2EE. Found the current up to date mod files on my old hard drive and copied them over to the second copy of BG2EE. Downloaded current versions of Near Infinity and Weidu. Don't think I missed anything.

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On 7/4/2020 at 3:32 AM, CoM_Solaufein said:

Last week I was looking over an old hard drive, which has the game and mod files on (...)


The latest version was recovered or you meant those 50% finished versions?

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More than 50%. I did tinker around with it after all that data loss but I gave up and retired. My main concern is the TP2 file and try to make heads and tails of the 5700+ lines of coding to install the mod as is and go from there.

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