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What's up with the item importation from BG1?


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Hello. I'm struggling to understand how it works. So there's this snippet everyone probably knows by heart:

	Global("TakeImportItems","AR0602",0)  // Irenicus's Dungeon 1st Floor

Shortened for brevity. I create a new game, use "create party" option to import a few chars from character files (Lessa, Abdel, i.e. the ones shipped with BG2, not the actual chars from the first game) and hit play. I find three identical Varscona swords (SW1H06) on the table in the golem room. Did all of them have these swords in the inventory, including the protagonist whom I've created manually from scratch? If so, why are there three copies of it? I thought TakeItemListPartyNum was supposed to take only one item per list?


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The weapon that appears on the golem table is chosen from the list in the "import02.2da" file, going from top to bottom.  Varscona is chosen if you don't have any of the weapons in the list on your imported save/char

My guess is that you got three copies because you imported three characters.


List of weapons chosen from to be imported:


2DA V1.0
1     SW1H24
2     HAMM03
3     AX1H07
4     HALB03
5     DAGG04
6     STAF07
7     STAF06
8     SLNG03
9     SW1H06
10    BLUN11
11    BLUN09


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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it only covers the things I already know and doesn't really explain the rest 🙂

> Varscona is chosen if you don't have any of the weapons in the list on your imported save/char
Why this item exactly? Is it hard-coded?

> My guess is that you got three copies because you imported three characters.
Yes, that is pretty logical to assume. Still doesn't explain why the three copies when we call TakeItemListPartyNum only once and pass it 1 as the argument for the amount of items to be selected.

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Hi. No, not really, thanks for pointing out. I do now. This only shows that the problem (if it could be called that) has been there for some time now. Unfortunately, there are no clues what causes this behaviour.

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Generated party members are auto-equipped with items from 25STWEAP.2DA, that's why item importation works in Chateau Irenicus even with newly generated characters. These items are taken away right after the importation process by script. However, taking items from several characters at once if they happen to have the same item in their inventory sounds like a bug to me.

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Alright, this at least makes sense. I think I tested this before, but I must have done something wrong. I removed DestroyAllEquipment() and now I see that new characters are equipped with the items from 25STWEAP.2DA.

Yes it does look like a bug, maybe an engine bug? Strange that no one has noticed it before, especially during the development of EET. From what have I found on the forums, there was some work performed on this subject during development of the mod.

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