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(dual wielding) Throwing weapons in the off hand?

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I was messing with some item Flags to make Klogarath (throwing axe) equipable on the off hand but I was not successful.

I can make the axe hit from away by changing Item Ability from Ranged to Melee (1) while keeping the range (feet) 20.
But then it shoots no projectiles and has no "travel time" since it counts as melee.

Did anyone ever try dual wielding throwing weapons like daggers and axes?

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Classic Adventures (ToB engine) has a couple instances where a creature (non PC/NPC) is wielding a throwing weapon in their off hand.  The original coder, Sir BillyBob, assured me they were doing so intentionally and that the thrown weapon dealt damage appropriately.  IIRC at least one had a melee weapon in their main hand.  I have not gone out of my way to independently verify the claim that it was working as intended, but I believe him.  I am also not claiming that the mechanics will work the same way for a PC/NPC as different animation types are handled differently by the engine (what works as intended for one may have no visual representation in a second and crash the game on a third).


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3 hours ago, Sam. said:

(ToB engine) has a couple instances where a creature ...

...and some of those creatures are also wearing a ring in their helmet slots or was it the 3rd launchable (ammo)stack, anyways and the game might not crash, but it sure doesn't like it.

The BWP/S had to eventually make a fix for these and it was the crefixer just to install the Big Picture mod.

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