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A couple of issues with editing an area

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Working from a copy, I edited an area, first rearranging it, redrawing it, then reducing its vertical dimension. Area dimensions have to be in multiples of 64, because all tiles are 64 x 64 squares, so I counted off the right number from the bottom, where the original had some special tiles I did not need, and cut my area down, or rather up. The search map for this area had been made from scratch, however, and it is very complicated, with many passages, turns, different terrain types underfoot and so on. I had worked on the search map all along, and now that the area has gotten shorter, I can't simply junk it. The search map still works, but for this reason or another DLTCEP doesn't recognize the actual area, the one I created from my shortened and edited PNG in the form of a TIS file and some PVRZs. All of these I put in override, and I can play in the area, but DLTCEP persists in displaying the old version of the area, so the search map has to be edited by memory right now, switching between the editor's window and the game window. How do I refresh DLTCEP's version of the area (the WED file, I suppose, or the TIS)? I also noticed that after the redrawing of the area that I did, dragging around some portions of the floor where walls used to stand and vice versa, tiles don't overlap correctly. I fixed the search map to suit, of course, but the character's figure dives "under" some tiles, and when traps shoot, their explosions are also cut off abnormally or displayed only half-way:


There is nothing special about this place. The only guess I have is that this wrong overlapping may be projectiles butting into areas marked as Solid obstacle, but walls have to be that type, of course, or they would be see-through. Is this situation familiar to anybody?

This screenshot shows an outline of a wall which is no longer there, brought out by the light of the fireball.



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