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Solaufein's Rescue - jastey's Solaufein Mod now fully in English!

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Solaufein's Rescue - Jasteys Solaufein NPC Mod for BGII

With this modification the game character Solaufein, drow fighter from Ust Natha, is extended to a joinable NPC. Before he can join, Solaufein has to be freed from drider chambers. This starting quest can be played independently to whether he should then join the group or not. (This is not Weimer's Solaufein NPC mod.) The mod is compatible with original BG2 (with ToB), BGT, BGII:EE, and EET.

Solaufein can also follow as a '7th party member' in case your group already consists of 6 persons. More details about this please refer to readme.

The second, optional mod component offers the possibility to give the game Solaufein in Ust Natha the mod's portrait. If you want to see this in the game, this component has to be installed after Weimer's Solaufein.

The third, optional component is for BGII and BGT: If the main component of Infinity Animations is installed, this component will install and use the drider animations for the mod.
Without this component, all driders in the mod will be displayed as drow. There is no loss in gameplay, other than it won't look as nice. 🙂
For BGII:EE and EET the animations will be included and used automatically.

The forth, optional component enables to install the alternative portrait for Solaufein.

The fifth, optional component adds a reply option to Adalon's dialogue for elf PCs that will set the race by which Solaufein recognizes the PC as drow. Only install (and chose) this reply option if Solaufein should address your PC as a fellow drow.

Both portraits are from Chinasky, with many thanks!

Version 2.0 Beta comes with a full English version! But also some bugfixes, revised NPC banter and more reply options, as well as full compatibility with Lava's Eilistraee's Song mod (refer to readme for install order)!

Many thanks to Caedwyr for extensive proof reading, editing, and suggestions!

Thanks an BCaesar und Ratatoskr for the suggestions for the Mazzy-Solaufein banters!

The version is in Beta because of the changes (it is alphatested) and because patch 2.6 seems to be on the way with unknown changes to the game. Let me know if you encounter any problems!


-English version finished.
-NPC banters revised.
-Elhan's geas: Optimized scripting in case there will be other drow NPCs in the future, EE version considers Hexxat's presence as well.
-Drizzt interjection: added possibility to shorten the conversation via reply option.
-Smuggler encounter tweaked a little. Smuggler will recognize any drow items in group's possession.
-splitted component "Install additional Detection for Drow PC" from the main component.
-Scripting of 7th party member mode improved.
-Fixed small default portrait for classic engine.
-Download link in ini changed to GitHub.
-Changed readme to html.
-Crossmod content for Eilistraee's Song mod added.

Download Solaufein's Rescue

Download at GitHub

Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum (German)

Discussion Thread at Gibberlings Three

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