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recoding and compatibility

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This is what the mod has:

  • Gromnir: You are now given half a chance to reason with him, but it may be difficult to talk him down entirely.
    (Compatible with Ascension's "Tougher Gromnir.")
  • Melissan: Now she has a magic amulet that protects her from detect alignment spells.
  • Solar & Sarevok: Now the Solar opens the first challenge for you. Why Sarevok should have control of *your* pocket plane I don't know.
  • Yaga Shura: If he sees an advantage to it, Yaga Shura will ask you to kill Gromnir and, when that doesn't break the siege, Captain Samand.
    (Compatible with Ascension's "Tougher Yaga Shura.")


  • Grove of the Ancients: Instead of being randomly teleported, you are led by Ellesime and may have to use your own feet for a change.
    (Compatible with the Longer Road, Wheels of Prophecy, and Ascension's "Tougher Illasera.")
  • Pocket Plane: With this component it can only take you places you've already been. You first end up in the Tethyr woods outside Suldanessalar. With no more transporting to the middle of Saradush, you'll have to find another way in. Or you can go somewhere else, provided you can get directions there.
    (Not compatible with Longer Road. Yet.)
  • Fight the Five in Any Order: Right now, this just adjusts the Bioware romances so that if you put off saving Saradush they'll keep going.


  • Oasis: If Saradush hasn't yet fallen you see a more peaceful side to the oasis.
    (Compatible with Tatics and SimDing0's Questpack)
  • Saradush: Now contains a variety of Bhaalspawn.
  • Saradush Sewers: Changes around the creatures in the sewers from Yaga Shura's minions to more normal underground baddies. You'll also get a deeper understanding of why there are so many shades around.
  • Fire Temple: Moved around the most valuable treasures so that they are more heavily guarded in the inner part of the temple. And there are reports that Chinchilla can talk.


  • Cleansing the Temple: A priestess of Kelemvor is looking to cleanse the ruined Temple of Bhaal
  • The Witch of the Wealdath: A capricious witch now lives in the Tethyr woods.

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And by the way, would you kindly add a peaceful possibility for the Oasis (and an improved component too)? I'm not satisfied at all with Questpack one. Your writing ability surpasses the one shown in that mod.


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