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WM: Hephernaan BG2 v1.1 available

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Welcome back Hephernaan, a devil known from the Siege of Dragonspear campaign. Are you ready to make a great risk and let the evil puppetmaster into your group? Can you be truly confident about his motives and plans? Perhaps, become even stronger... but can you learn how to see through his lies and promises? Or believe that he truly wants to help or does he feel amused by all the events you wade through every single day? It's your choice.

Hephernaan BG2 includes "friendship" talks, new areas, items, and encounters that may feel refreshing for players that are already fed up with the original BG2 content. As this mod uses Siege of Dragonspear references, it may help to glue together SoD Campaign and BG2EE, which itself lacks references to Hephernaan's and Caelar's story.

Version 1.1 includes fixes for some ToB banters and ToB friendship talks.

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