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Error install version 33.3

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Hi all.

You see, this is trying to install the latest version of the mod and everything was fine, until I get to the AI section, when installing the "core" everything goes smoothly, until I get an error that says "is not an integer , but one was expected "

I am playing the enhanced edition trilogy with mods.

But I was investigating and maybe it is because I have the mod "atweaks" installed.

Should I install that after the sword coast stratagem?

Does anyone by any chance know if there is no problem installing the Atweaks after the "EET_End"?

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I've got SCS and aTweaks both installed on a Enhanced Edition Trilogy game.  After EET end I have the following mods installed



    Sword Coast Stratagems v33.3
        a. Move or modify overpowered items
        b. Replace +1 arrows and other projectiles with nonmagical "fine" ones
        c. Wider selection of random scrolls
        e. Increase the power of cure wounds and cause wounds spells - 1
        f. Restoration and Lesser Restoration also heal abilities scores
        g. Faster Bears
        h. More realistic wolves and wild dogs
        j. Thieves assign skill points in multiples of five.
        k. Allow the Cowled Wizards to detect spellcasting in most indoor above-ground areas in Athkatla
        l. Increase the price of a license to practice magic in Athkatla - 30,000
        m. Increase the price asked by Gaelan Baele - 80,000 gp
        n. Delay the arrival of the bonus merchants
        p. Ease-of-use party Ai
        r. Improved Tales of the Sword Coast textscreens

    Scales of Balance v5.23 https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/Scales_of_Balance/releases
        b. Aesthetic & Enchantment Tweaks - Standardize
        c. Universal Potions
        d. WPO - Systemic Proficiency Changes
        g. WPO - APR on Spec
        i. SBO - Stat Bonus Overhaul
        j. SBO - Full Strength from 2-Hand weapons only
        k. SBO - Concentration Checks
        l. SBO - Hit Dice Overhaul - Revised HP progression Closer to Average
        m. POI - Poison Overhaul

    SCS v33.3
        0.  Improved NPC customisation and management
        1.  Initialise AI components
        2.  Smarter general AI
        3.  Better calls for help
        4.  Smarter Mages
        5.  Smarter priests
        6.  Potions for NPCs
        7.  Improved Spiders
        8.  Smarter sirines and dryads
        9.  Slightly smarter carrion crawlers
        10. Smarter Basilisks
        11. Improved Golems
        12. Improved Fiends and Celestials - Spoilers has changes for fiends, but not celestials.  What changes to celestials?
        13. Smarter Genies
        14. Smarter Dragons
        15. Smarter Beholders
        16. Smarter Mind Flayers
        17. Improved Vampires
        18. Smarter Githyanki
        19. Smarter Throne of Bhaal final villain
        20. Smarter Illasera
        21. Smarter Gromnir
        22. Smarter Yaga-Shura
        23. Give Ascension versions of Irenicus and Sendai SCS abilities and AI
        24. Ascension demons use SCS abilities and AI
        25. Improved doppelgangers
        26. Tougher Black Talons and Iron Throne guards
        27. Improved Deployment for Parties of Assassins
        28. Improved Kobolds
        29. Relocated bounty unters
        30. Improved Ulcaster
        31. Improved Balduran's isle
        32. Improved Durlag's Tower
        33. Improved Demon Cultists
        34. Improved Cloakwood Druids
        35. Improved Bassilus
        36. Improved Drasus Party
        37. Improved Red Wizards
        38. Improved Undercity Assassins
        39. Tougher chapter-two end battle
        40. Tougher chapter-three end battle
        41. Tougher chapter-four end battle
        42. Tougher chapter-five end battle
        43. Improved final battle
        44. Improved miscellaneous encounters
        45. Make the starting dungeon slightly harder
        47. Spellcasting Demiliches
        48. Tie difficulty of level-dependent monster groupings to the difficulty slider
        49. Improved Random Encounters
        50. Improved D'Arnise Keep
        51. Improved Unseeing Eye
        52. Improved Bodhi
        53. Ascension version of Bodhi uses Improved-Bodhi abilities
        54. Party's items are taken from them in spellhold
        55. Improved battle with Irenicus in Spellhold
        56. Improved Sahuagin
        57. Improved beholder hive
        58. Rebalanced troll regeneration
        59. Improved Drow
        60. Improved Watcher's Keep
        61. Improved Fire Giant Temple
        62. Improved Sendai's Enclave
        63. Improved Abazigal's Lair
        64. Improved Minor Encounters

    PnP Celestials v4.0

        4.  PnP Undead
        5.  PnP Mephits
        6.  PnP Fey Creatures
        7.  Revised Call Woodland Beings Spell
        8.  PnP Elementals
        9.  Increase the Hit Dice of Elemental Princes
        10. Distinctive creature coloring
        11. Distinctive creature soundsets
        12. Slightly expanded storage containers for containers - 999
        13. Expanded Temple Services
        14. BG2 Style icons for aTweak content


This is working fine and it all installed correctly. 

SCS actually requires most components to be installed after EET_End and aTweaks is one of the few exceptions in that it should mostly be installed after SCS.  Note that the Smarter Mages in SCS and the aTweaks PnP Fiends components may not work well together due to some changes in the last couple of versions of SCS (to make the mod better) and because aTweaks is no longer actively maintained.

For general reference, my optimized install order is attached below.

BG EET Final.txt

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There are many mods that I would like to install, but as most are not translated or their translation is not up to date. Well, I miss them, because the game is in "spanglish".

I know it is nonsense, but it gives me some OCD to have the language in Spanish and that some things come out in English.

But thanks, I'll try to do what you tell me

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