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RPG Dungeon Mods

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I've been getting a lot of requests to revive the RPG Dungeon mods to allow other modders to finish them in the areas where I or my colleagues fell short. I have no objections with this. I have all the mods as released sitting on my NAS. I just need a hosting community to offer me a forum or a series of subforums to work on them... a few like IWK and Improved Asylum still need my input because I did a lot of work on them that was never released based on user input.

Does anyone know a good place for me to do this, or do I try and reobtain the RPG Dungeon name?

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For the time being, they are hosted in the Resurrection Mods sub-forum. I uploaded most of them both at SHS Download Center and at SHS official GitHub account.  Improved Alysum needs a lot of work to provide EE compatibility.

As you have an SHS account, the admin can give you the mod badge so that you can update RPG mods at SHS, and in the meantime I can easily and quickly give you access to SHS GitHub account. All I need is your GitHuB account address (just send me a PM). ;)

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2 minutes ago, Gwendolyne said:

As you have an SHS account, the admin can give you the mod badge so that you can update RPG mods at SHS,

And if you have forgotten your password, you can PM a admin and get it too ... are you familiar with GitHub's usage ? I don't, but I am sure people would help if you just ask.

And from my point of view, SHS's Resurrection mods forum can very well work as your temporary if not permanent base of uploads, with GitHub as the primary resource for the in-between versions hostings.

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On 7/24/2020 at 8:57 PM, Endarire said:

Is @CamDawg the right person to ask?

On 7/24/2020 at 10:17 PM, Rastor said:

@Endarire I honestly don't know anymore.

Yes, when he can get off his lazy butt and do something. Typically Mike or ace beat me to it by miles these days. :)

Others have already suggested Github, but I'd go farther and suggest consolidating all of it into an RPGD Github (c.f. G3, SHS, or PPG). Since @Gwendolyne and the SHS folks have already done a lot of work it might be better to get a forum there, but I'm still game if you want to pursue one here.

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