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can't remember mod name

Guest Gay Lord

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Guest Gay Lord

I'm hoping someone can help me. I first discovered BG mods about a year ago. I didn't understand all the tutu this and bgp that. I looked at several sites, and dl'd a few things, just to look at.


I am familiar with the mods now, and was recently looking for something I dl'd way back then, but can't find it on my computer.


It was a collection of female voices, but I can't remember the name of the mod, or even the site I got it from. I THINK it was here at G3, but I'm not sure.


The only lines I remember were:




"I always wanted a puppy. DAMN YOU GORION, YOU NEVER GAVE ME A PUPPY!!! That's the whole reason I'm evil. *sob* I need a hug... Imoen?"


I remember those lines as I LMAO when I heard them. If they were part of an unfinished mod, it would be nice to dl it now. Or even just to hear them again.


No biggie, but if you remember that'd be cool.

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