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Kilivitz mod

Guest Ront

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Guest Ragnar

@Kilivitz, I've been reading your topic for your Dragon Skin, then searched for a topic here on G3 forums. 

People have been asking for your Stone UI, I would like to ask for a version of your Dragon Skin for BG:EE. If you got time or will, that is. 


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Guest Nyne

I just started playing BG1EE and was appalled at the new UI. If you need any encouragement to continue work on the mod, I'm here to provide it!

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So 2.6 is out and I've no excuse to keep avoiding this project.

So far, the new build seems much less clunky than 2.5. I haven't noticed any changes in the UI except for a few changes in how the World Map behaves.

I'm going to start the project over (takes less time than sorting out the mess my previous attempts have left behind). When I do so, I'm going to open a new topic to keep anyone interested updated and also to make sure I keep focused - basically, the more noise you guys make, the bigger the chances this thing gets released.


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