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G3: Alternatives updates to v14.1 with bug fix

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Alternatives offers two new possibilities to consider when making the decision about whether to side with the Shadow Thieves or with Valen's Mistress. In addition to the traditional two, the player may now opt to side with a group even the paladins in the party could have no objection to... or he may opt to skip the whole decision entirely and set sail for Maztica.

Alternatives also offers a different way to satisfy Mae Var's demand that the protagonist steal an artifact from a temple and an alternate way to complete the Riddle of the Sewers.


v14.1 comes with a fixed chapter increase if going the Malficus route and not doing all available quests.



- Chapter increase to chapter 4 should work correctly if route via Malficus is taken and PC did not go against the thieves guild.


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