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bg1re updates to v6.0!

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The mod updates to v5.0!

Main change is that the Bonus quest "Scar's Return" can now be started as well as fully finished after Sarevok's death before the transition to BGII if the game remains in the "BG1 world" (for BGT or with a mod that keeps the game in BG1 like Endless BG11 or Transitions).

In SoD, it can be finished if it was started before, but Scar will only appear if his body was located before the transition to SoD.

The component was also made fully compatible with the Duke Eltan components from Endless BG1 and Transitions.

Changelog v5:

-Completed dialogue for "Scar's Return" (placeholder line in Duke Eltan's dialogue)
-"Scar's Return" can now be finished after Sarevok's death:
If your game supports access to BG1 Duke Palace after Sarevok's death, the quest can be started and played in full while you are still in the "BG1 world". If you play SoD, the quest can be finished in SoD. Depending on the quest status, the quest will be shortened accordingly.
-"Scar's Return": Duke Eltan will now recognize whether the player brought Scar's body or only told about its whereabouts for the later quest status.
-"Scar's Return": compatibility added with EBG1's Duke Eltan component
-"Scar's Return": compatibility added with Transitions' Duke Eltan components
-"Scar's Return": Duke Eltan will talk about Scar's murder but quest will not trigger if PC wasn't in Scar's quarters and doesn't know the ale mug
-"Necromancer's Trouble": Mourning mom will use all dialogue states


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bg1re updates to v6.0!


-fixed install errors for BG:TotSC (components "Eltan's Spare Minute" and "Scar's Return")
-"Necromancer's Trouble": Trevor will not be doubled inside the FF HQ and outside with Miss Thirsty; mourning mom can be mentioned to Dilos inside the FF HQ, too; new reply options and one extra for shaman PCs.
-"Minor Disclosures": the components are no longer spaced through a timer. Instead, leaving the floor once and return will trigger the next encounter.
-added folder libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z with iconv licence info
-typo corrections.


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